A Guide to a few of the Puget Sound’s Unique Island Communities

Seattle is the beating heart of the Puget Sound area. An explosive regional economy backed by some of the world’s largest tech companies has brought an array of big-city benefits to the once sleepy city. World-class culture, cuisine and sporting events are at the fingertips of those in the city. However, like many large cities, there comes the impacts to traffic and congestion, increased cost of living, and long gone is that once sleepy little fishing town. 


While many locals and transplants thrive on the new Seattle, whether for retirement, remote work, family life, or to simply get out of the metropolitan areas, more and more people are looking to move out of the urban core. Unique to the Puget Sound area, many of the so-called suburbs of Seattle are in fact surrounded by water, physical and metaphorical islands, each offering a unique set of characteristics that aligns with those seeking change from city life. 

Here we will explore the variety of island communities in and around the Seattle area, hearing firsthand from local island experts who weigh-in on each island’s character, community, and vibe. 


Three islands stand out as offering something distinct and compelling. For some, the attraction will be an island that affords them the chance to stay connected to a more urban area – a true island suburb. Others will gravitate towards a more rural island, away from the commuter corridors, and still, others may seek a blend. 


First, we start just a 15-minute drive off of Interstate-5, an hour north of Seattle with a serene, outdoorsy, family-friendly island that is Camano Island. 


Camano Island: Real-life island experience – without the hype.

Simply put, Camano Island blends all the benefits of island living with easy access to the urban cores of Puget Sound. Get away…way away — but remain close. While it sounds contradictory, Camano offers a real-life island experience — without the hype or big tourist traps. There are a few restaurants, a handful of country-style grocery stores, bed and breakfast facilities, and to serve the elite few who have discovered Camano Island. Boasting stunning sandy beaches, abundant wildlife, and relaxed small-town charm, Camano Island is a haven for crabbers, water-skiers, and beach-lovers.


Rich in history and culture, Camano Island is home to a vibrant arts community as well as an array of surprisingly charming restaurants, country-style grocery stores, intriguing fine art galleries, and annual festivals. The enduring appeal of Camano Island is that it offers an idyllic, island experience that feels away from it all — without actually being away from it all. 


Without the need for a ferry thanks to an always-open bridge from neighboring Stanwood, you can find yourself ensconced in a diverse community of families, retirees, artists, and locals who value culture and the finer things in life – which now includes easy access to travel. The recent opening of commercial flights at nearby Paine Field means locals and visitors can hop on a quick flight to or from the island, opening the world to Camano. 


Real estate and housing options are as diverse as the flora and fauna who call Camano home. Desirable family neighborhoods walkable to the beach, small cabins in the woods, or majestic beachfront homes dot the island. If building that dream home from the ground up is in the cards, Camano holds a large amount of undeveloped land, again at a full range of options to meet your desired lifestyle. 


Come to Camano for a weekend to explore and you may just end up staying! 


Mercer Island: A breath of fresh air in an urban center

Connected via the I-90 bridge on both sides, Mercer Island is situated right in between Seattle and Bellevue – less than 20 minutes from either city. The island itself is only 13 square miles, but it has everything you need to feel at home: a close-knit community with beautiful waterfront, easy commuting, excellent schools, unique local businesses, and hundreds of acres of parks and trails. 


The petite island has more than 20,000 residents – all of whom share a strong sense of community. Residents are active and connected, giving Mercer Island a small-town feel at the core of a major urban settlement. Education is highly regarded, with an emphasis on innovative learning, technology, and attainable challenges. The island’s schools are consistently ranked among the best in the state. 


Despite being in such a central location, the island has a suburban feel with lots of neighborhoods. Each Mercer Island neighborhood has a distinct personality – from the amazing views of First Hill and the serenity of El Dorado on the north end, to the highly social community of The Lakes on the south end. Options for housing range from apartments and charming craftsman homes to luxurious waterfront estates. You may even find a rare opportunity for new construction if you’re interested in building something custom to suit your wishlist. 


With 475 acres of parks and trails, you’ll have plenty to do on Mercer Island. Take advantage of the children’s play area and sporting fields at Lid Park, or enjoy Pioneer Park’s 113 acres of trails – there’s even a designated area for horseback riding. If you’re looking for more, Luther Burbank Park features 4,000 feet of shoreline, a boat dock and fishing pier, the island’s largest playground, a dog park, an amphitheater, tennis courts, three miles of trails, and plenty of green space to relax and enjoy the view on Lake Washington. And of course, Mercer Island also has a rich culture with local theaters, unique restaurants and bars, charming local boutiques to shop, and plenty of community celebrations throughout the year. 


Make yourself at home on Mercer Island. It’s a place where neighbors feel genuinely connected and there’s always something wonderful to do. 


Orcas Island: Explore your passion and find your community

About an hour from Anacortes by ferry, Orcas Island is a popular second home market but there is more than enough to keep you engaged. Orcas Island is known for its high quality of life, numerous farm-to-fork restaurants, expansive arts community, variety of clubs and nonprofits, beautiful wildlife and scenery, and local businesses that offer everything you need to live comfortably on the island. 


The 57-square-mile island’s diverse population swells from 5,000 year-round residents to about 14,000 residents in the summer who come to soak up the island’s enchanting scenery and charm. Kayak along the shores of the horseshoe-shaped island, hop on a whale watching tour, hike along one of the island’s trails, or just relax on the beach. It’s a spectacular place to just take it all in, and you may be lucky enough to see bald eagles and hundreds of other bird species, rabbits, or the island’s namesake orca whales. 


With a relatively small year-round population, Orcas Island is known for a strong sense of community thanks to a large number of nonprofits and clubs geared toward niche interests. If you’re more interested in the arts than the outdoors, consider one of the island’s acting or dance clubs, visit a gallery, shop with local artisans, or explore during one of the summer’s art walks. There are numerous events on the island throughout the year geared toward the unique interests of visitors and residents, like Hops on the Rock beer festival, the Orcas Island Film Festival, or the Shakespeare Festival. 


In addition to being termed the Gem of the San Juan Islands, Orcas Island is also known as the “foodie” of the island chain. It’s home to a large population of local organic farms and livestock, which have inspired the menus at several amazing farm-to-fork restaurants on the island. If you’re looking for something to sip on, Orcas Island also has a number of boutique distilleries and a few wineries. 


There is room to grow on Orcas Island. Consider building a custom home on the island, or choose a home in an established hamlet. The island’s strong public and private schools and home school community have made it increasingly popular with families in recent years, but anyone who appreciates the relaxed island lifestyle is sure to love living on Orcas Island. 


Choose the quality of life you can only find on Orcas Island. 





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Here’s Your Spring Maintenance Checklist


Now that spring has sprung, let’s clear the cobwebs and get your home ready! Here is our quick guide to spring home maintenance:


Inspection top to bottom: Now that the weather is temperate you will want to check on how your home weathered the winter. Check the roof for leaks, the gutters for damage, and the siding for cracks. You will also want to inspect your basement or foundation for any shifts. Make repairs now to prevent further damage.


Clean out the gutters: April showers bring May flowers… so clear out the gutters to keep rain from pooling on your roof or near your foundation.


Pest control: Spring is mating season for eight-legged critters, so sweep out cobwebs, clear debris, and check the nooks and crannies. If you live in an area prone to dangerous species like brown recluse or black widows, you may want to contact your local pest control, but otherwise, household spiders do help eliminate other bugs.


HVAC system: If you have an air conditioner now is the time to check to make sure it is ready before summer gets here and everyone else is clamoring for maintenance. Now is a good time to check your home air filters and replace or upgrade to keep allergens at bay.


Clear the clutter: Do a sweep around the house and get rid of junk that you don’t use! Take a little time each week to tackle a room. Closets, playrooms, and basements can be especially daunting, but getting rid of old stuff and refreshing your space will go a long way!


Deep clean: On a nice day open the windows, dust, wipe, scrub, and clean. You will get a nice workout and your home will look and feel so fresh after a winter of being cooped up.


Update your décor: Add a splash of color to your home with small embellishments. Add a colorful vase, a lighter throw for your sofa, pretty pastel pillows, or spring-time candles, to upgrade your living space.


Take it outdoors: Let your throw rugs, curtains, and other tapestries air our outside. Shake off the dust, spot clean what you can and let everything bask in the sun for an afternoon.


Don’t forget the back yard: It may not be time to start up the grill, yet, but you can get started on your outdoor entertaining checklist. Check your lawn, and if you have some spare spots start filling in with seed. Check your outdoor plants, prune, plant bulbs, start to replenish the soil for your garden, and mow, so you are ready to start when the season allows.

Speaking of the grill – if you have a gas grill you will want to pull this out and perform a maintenance check. Clean everything up and check to make sure all the gas lines are clear, as these can get clogged after sitting idle all winter. Make sure the grill is clear of spiders too, as they can build webs in the tubes, causing damage to your grill. You can start to bring out your garden furniture too, or clean it up if you left it covered outside all winter. Because before you know it, it’ll be barbeque season!

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Should I Move or Remodel?

There are a number of things that can trigger the decision to remodel or move to a new home. Perhaps you have outgrown your current space, you might be tired of struggling with ancient plumbing or wiring systems, or maybe your home just feels out of date. The question is: Should you stay or should you go? Choosing whether to remodel or move involves looking at a number of factors. Here are some things to consider when making your decision.


Five reasons to move:

1. Your current location just isn’t working.

Unruly neighbors, a miserable commute, or a less-than-desirable school district—these are factors you cannot change. If your current location is detracting from your overall quality of life, it’s time to consider moving. If you’re just ready for a change, that’s a good reason, too. Some people are simply tired of their old homes and want to move on.

2. Your home is already one of the nicest in the neighborhood.

Regardless of the improvements you might make, location largely limits the amount of money you can get for your home when you sell. A general rule of thumb for remodeling is to make sure that you don’t over-improve your home for the neighborhood. If your property is already the most valuable house on the block, additional upgrades usually won’t pay off in return on investment at selling time.

3. There is a good chance you will move soon anyway.

If your likelihood of moving in the next two years is high, remodeling probably isn’t your best choice. There’s no reason to go through the hassle and expense of remodeling and not be able to enjoy it. It may be better to move now to get the house you want.

4. You need to make too many improvements to meet your needs.

This is particularly an issue with growing families. What was cozy for a young couple may be totally inadequate when you add small children. Increasing the space to make your home workable may cost more than moving to another house. In addition, lot size, building codes, and neighborhood covenants may restrict what you can do. Once you’ve outlined the remodeling upgrades that you’d like, a real estate agent can help you determine what kind of home you could buy for the same investment.

5. You don’t like remodeling.

Remodeling is disruptive. It may be the inconvenience of loosing the use of a bathroom for a week, or it can mean moving out altogether for a couple of months. Remodeling also requires making a lot of decisions. You have to be able to visualize new walls and floor plans, decide how large you want windows to be, and where to situate doors. Then there is choosing from hundreds of flooring, countertop, and fixture options. Some people love this. If you’re not one of them, it is probably easier to buy a house that has the features you want already in place.


Five reasons to remodel:

1. You love your neighborhood.

You can walk to the park, you have lots of close friends nearby, and the guy at the espresso stand knows you by name. There are features of a neighborhood, whether it’s tree-lined streets or annual community celebrations, that you just can’t re-create somewhere else. If you love where you live, that’s a good reason to stay.

2. You like your current home’s floor plan.

The general layout of your home either works for you or it doesn’t. If you enjoy the configuration and overall feeling of your current home, there’s a good chance it can be turned into a dream home. The combination of special features you really value, such as morning sun or a special view, may be hard to replicate in a new home.

3. You’ve got a great yard.

Yards in older neighborhoods often have features you cannot find in newer developments, including large lots, mature trees, and established landscaping. Even if you find a new home with a large lot, it takes considerable time and expense to create a fully landscaped yard.

4. You can get exactly the home you want.

Remodeling allows you to create a home tailored exactly to your lifestyle. You have control over the look and feel of everything, from the color of the walls to the finish on the cabinets. Consider also that most people who buy a new home spend up to 30 percent of the value of their new house fixing it up the way they want.

5. It may make better financial sense.

In some cases, remodeling might be cheaper than selling. A contractor can give you an estimate of what it would cost to make the improvements you’re considering. A real estate agent can give you prices of comparable homes with those same features. But remember that while remodeling projects add to the value of your home, most don’t fully recover their costs when you sell.


Remodel or move checklist:

Here are some questions to ask when deciding whether to move or remodel.

1.      How much money can you afford to spend?

2.      How long do you plan to live in your current home?

3.      How do you feel about your current location?

4.      Do you like the general floor plan of your current house?

5.      Will the remodeling you’re considering offer a good return on investment?

6.      Can you get more house for the money in another location that you like?

7.      Are you willing to live in your house during a remodeling project?

8.      If not, do you have the resources to live elsewhere while you’re remodeling?


If you have questions about whether remodeling or selling is a wise investment, or are looking for an agent in your area, we have professionals that can help you. Contact us today!

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Home Warranties Provide Buyers and Sellers With A Peace Of Mind

If you are a homeowner, you probably know all-too-well how costly home repairs can be. And, thanks to Murphy’s Law, appliance break-downs seem to happen at the worst possible time—like when you are selling your home. For this reason, it is in the best interest of all home sellers to consider purchasing a home warranty.

A home warranty offers many advantages to the home seller, the least of which is a peace of mind that your major home appliances are covered in the event of a break down. Most home warranties cover both parts and labor of your home’s most vital systems and major appliances. This protects the home seller from potentially large, unexpected repair bills and also allows the buyer to purchase the home with more confidence. Additionally, a home warranty is usually for the term of at least one year, so any unforeseen repairs/replacements are also covered well after the home has been sold. A home warranty also provides a competitive edge over those homes without warranties because it communicates confidence to buyers. This can add up to a faster selling period, resulting in a more convenient process for all involved.

A home is probably the single largest investment you’ll ever make, so the last thing you want as a home seller or buyer, are unexpected home repairs/replacements. Major appliance replacement can cost you several thousand dollars, and during the process of a home sale/purchase, your budget doesn’t often allow for costly expenses. A home warranty is designed to protect you from these types of expenditures. Furthermore, it is convenient for home sellers because a home warranty offers after-sale liability. While an inspection may find many faults that are covered by a home warranty, it cannot account for latent problems that are beyond an inspection’s scope, or problems that occur down the road. In most cases, a home warranty will cover these expenses, alleviating potential financial burdens for the seller once they have sold the home.

When considering a home warranty, it’s important to ask the right questions. Warranties vary from one company to the next and there are also many different types of coverages available. Your Realtor should be able to help you with this process. First and foremost, you should identify which components of the home will be covered by the warranty. It’s also important to attain annual costs and the charge for service calls. You will want to ask what the total dollar limit is on the warranty and what the limits are for the individual items that are covered. Many home sellers purchase home warranties, which are then passed along to the homebuyer when they move into the home. As a homebuyer, you may want to look into whether or not the coverage can be renewed once the warranty has expired.

According to American Home Shield, one of the largest home warranty companies in the nation, the average home warranty customer uses their warranty plan 2.3 times. Furthermore, the number of home warranties is increasing with every year because homeowners are becoming more informed of their benefits. Eventually home warranties will become commonplace, as buyers and sellers realize the advantages they offer. Ultimately, what it comes down to is that a home warranty is a very simple, cost-effective way to purchase a peace of mind for both homebuyers and sellers alike.

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The Easy Drive-On Island

Moving to an island can be challenging. To live on many islands in the Pacific Northwest you have to account for ferry schedules, as well as being far away from major shopping centers. Even things you don’t normally think about, like having a few different options for gas stations, or being able to quickly drive to the nearest recycling center, may be out of reach. For some people, island living is worth the drawbacks. Sure, you may not be able to visit the mall, but you get to settle down in a literal vacation destination.

When you live on Camano Island, you don’t have to choose.

We like to say that Camano Island is the “easy drive-on island” where there are no finicky ferry schedules, and no waiting in a crowded parking lot for hours at a time. Take a few minutes out of your day to cross a few hundred yards of bridge, and you’re on Camano Island! The island is close to several major urban centers: 20 minutes from Marysville or Burlington via I-5, and only 45 minutes from Bellingham or Shoreline.

Another great thing about living on Camano Island is getting away from rush-hour traffic. Typically, once you go north of Marysville, traffic eases up. When you want to go shopping in Burlington, for example, you don’t need to worry about planning your whole day around the trip! Hop across the bridge, cruise through Stanwood, and head north on I-5 for an easy twenty-minute drive.

Living on an island doesn’t have to mean giving up access to the rest of the world! On Camano Island, we like to think we have the best of both worlds: island paradise, with abundant convenience.

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Island Amenities

There are many reasons to move to Camano Island: the relaxed island atmosphere, friendly neighbors, and beautiful scenery right in your backyard. Everything that island living has to offer coupled with modern conveniences like coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores make Camano Island a great choice for your next home.


Sometimes there are drawbacks to living in a beautiful place far away from the business of everyday life. This is why Camano Island is so special. We have beaches, state parks, a golf course, and a winery. Locals go boating in the summers and fresh crab is an island staple. While other islands can boast similar attractions, we can proudly say that we’re also twenty minutes away from the urban centers of Marysville, Mount Vernon, and Burlington which offer bix-box retailers as well as a much-loved outlet mall. 

If you don’t feel like driving for twenty minutes to pick up a few groceries, that’s ok! Camano Island and Stanwood have several options for home necessities, including QFC, Mod Pizza, Starbucks, Rite Aid Pharmacy and more!

Looking for a place to grab a drink with a friend? Check out either of our two craft breweries or any one of our three artisanal coffee shops. If hiking and adventuring is more your style, look no further than Cama Beach State Park, or Camano Island State Park; located less than twenty minutes from anywhere on the island.

There’s also no need to worry about finding a gas station, either. In Stanwood and on Camano Island, take your pick of the six (competing!) fueling locations available. 


Camano Island gives you the opportunity to experience life on vacation while still enjoying the convenience of living near a major urban center. Take a walk on the beach in the morning, then take a five-minute drive to Stanwood to do your afternoon shopping. Living “away from it all” doesn’t mean having to give up your access to civilization! Own a home on the beach and get your Starbucks fix every morning. Watch beautiful sunrises, and visit local boutiques and department stores.

When you live on Camano Island, we believe you can have it all.

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10 Steps to Get Your Home Clean and Ready for Spring


Warmer months are ahead, so now is the time to plan for spring cleaning and maintenance. A clean home offers a fresh start for the year, and a checklist of tasks guides your efforts towards efficiency. For many homeowners, spring cleaning can be a personal challenge. It can also be one accomplished with the help of the rest of the family or other residents. In some occasions, however, professional assistance may be advised, or even necessary. Regardless, regular home maintenance not only increases your home’s value, but it can also make your home more comfortable and enjoyable.



Check Your Attic

Once summer arrives, it can be too hot in many regions to comfortably perform an inspection. Use late winter and early spring to ensure the following: there’s ample insulation (10 to 14 inches), there are no signs of mice or rats (droppings, strong odor, nests), there are no bugs (flying, crawling, or otherwise), and there are no signs of roof leaks (water stains, etc.).

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Annual tune-ups on your heating/cooling equipment will reduce your energy bill and help ensure you can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Fix the Window Screens

It won’t be long before you’ll want to throw open the windows for fresh air, or relief on a warm afternoon. Take time now to ensure your window screens are ready for the challenge. Many traditional neighborhood hardware stores still offer re-screening services. Contractors also specialize in this service and are available for house calls.

Clean the Ceiling Fans

During the warm weather and the cold, ceiling fans can help moderate the temperature and better distribute the air. But your fans will be far more efficient if you give them a good cleaning a couple times each year. For fans mounted up to 10 feet in the air, you can use a ladder to access the tops of the fan blades. For those mounted on vaulted ceilings, use a long-handled duster.

Apply Weather Stripping

Many homeowners think of weather stripping as a cold-weather commodity, but it’s just as important during summer. To keep the cool air in and the hot air out, use any of the many filler materials available to seal gaps around windows, doors, exhaust fans, and any other point where you can see light peeking through.



Look for Damaged Roof Shingles

Use binoculars (with your feet safely planted on the ground) to scan for roof shingles that are curling, broken, or missing. If anything seems compromised, have a roofing company perform an inspection and provide a bid. If you or any members of your family are enterprising drone users, a camera-affixed drone can also be a useful aid in this reconnaissance effort.

Wash the Exterior

An easy way to extend the life of your exterior paint – and make your house look better than ever – is to give the siding a good washing. Use mostly water (to avoid harming any plants) and a stiff pole brush.

Search Out Rotten Wood

While you’re washing the exterior, keep an eye out for areas where there may be rot. Use a screwdriver to gently but firmly press on any siding or trim where you see black mold, missing paint, or exposed gray wood. If the area you’re probing feels mushy or bone-dry, contact a contractor to assess and stabilize the situation.

Clean the Gutters

All it takes is a handful of leaves to clog a gutter downspout and cause overflow and flooding. Hire a professional to give the gutters a thorough cleaning and you’ll avoid the very real dangers of working from a ladder. If you live in an area with lots of trees, consider getting quotes for some of the leaf-less gutter systems.

Prepare Your Lawn to Grow

The winter sets impediments for your lawn, and it takes preparation to help it shine. Rake away any dead grass and aerate the whole lawn to allow nutrients to access the roots. Reseed bare spots and apply a spring fertilizer to ensure your lawn has the fuel it needs to grow strong and beautiful.

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Guaranteed to Please: Holiday Gift Ideas for the Home

Every holiday gift list has at least one person who is tough to shop for. Wavering between a risky guess at clothing that might not fit and just throwing in the towel and buying a gift card can be frustrating. But there’s one thing you can be sure of: everyone on your list probably loves to have their home looking stylish. If you’re hoping to score a big win with the pickiest of people of on your list, here are some of our favorite holiday gift ideas for the home.


Inviting Lanterns


Candles are a time-honored “safe” gift that usually deliver a positive response and are useful in any home. Take that one step further by gifting a stylish lantern to hold those candles. This gift is typically small, simple, and cost-effective, meaning that it’s pretty much the perfect gift idea for even the trickiest of people.


International Inspiration


Maps and globes instill a home with a sense of adventure, and never have there been more décor options for those struck with a bit of wanderlust. One option is an interactive scratch-off map that allows tracking of travel. If wall space is limited, consider a cork globe with push pins that can be used to mark travel destinations.


Sweet Displays


Everyone has a guilty sugary pleasure of some sort, so why not encourage those desserts to be showcased with pride? A dessert display isn’t necessarily something you’d buy for yourself, but it’s a gift that is almost guaranteed to please. Glass is classic, but marble or wood-based displays can blend easily into just about any kitchen design while adding a little extra touch of style.


Keep It Simple, Keep It Smart


If all else fails, you can be assured that everyone on your list this holiday season loves music, podcasts, audiobooks, or some other audio form of media. Thanks to the increasing prevalence and affordability of smart speakers, giving a versatile, high-tech gift has never been easier. For under $30 you can now choose between several options, including the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini.

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Making Your Home Smarter With Smart Appliances


Products that let you control every aspect of your home remotely are growing at a rapid rate. Smartphone-connected devices and appliances are increasingly common and deliver a stylish, effective design. You can pick and choose your favorite gadgets to assemble an affordable, intelligent abode on your own terms, or opt for an entire smart home system that does all the work for you.

While home automation is becoming more prevalent, naturally there are more and more products becoming available as “smart devices”. Here are a few types of devices we found that found the mark for function and style:



Check washer progress with an app that lets you monitor cycles and settings, extend drying times, monitor levels of Smart Dispense tanks, download custom specialty cycles and receive alerts when clothes haven’t been removed.



More than just a TV remote – the Logitech Harmony Elite offers all-in-one control of up to 15 home devices including your TV, satellite or cable box, Apple TV, Roku, TiVo, Blu-ray player, game consoles, plus connected lights, locks, thermostats, sensors and more. There’s even a free app that turns your smartphone into an additional remote.



A wifi connected air conditioner that you control through an app on your smartphone allows you to turn the unit on or off, change temperature, control modes and adapt fan speeds – especially handy if you want your home cooled off before you get home!



A few years ago, having a French door refrigerator with cameras, wifi, and a gigantic touchscreen would have been the stuff of dreams. Today it is a reality. This high-end fridge will let you peek inside it while grocery shopping, search for recipes on the 21.5-inch display, mirror your smart TV so you can keep watching your movie while you grab a drink, share calendars, photos and best of all – it even keeps your food cold.

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Decorating Tips For A Guest Room, Before They Arrive For Christmas



Setting up the Christmas decorations in your home creates a sense of magic and the anticipation that the holiday season is just around the corner. If you are expecting guests over the festive period, then decorating your guest room in a style appropriate for Christmas will make them feel welcome. A few personal touches are enough to transform your guest room into one that feels as though it has been especially prepared for your guests. Remember that your room’s primary purpose is to be somewhere your guests can relax and feel comfortable sleeping in, so there is no need to go overboard with the décor. By the time January comes around you will want to revert back to a more traditional look, so don’t make any changes that you cannot easily put back in the New Year.


Keep It Simple.

Even if you are decorating your guest bedroom with children in mind, try to resist the temptation to decorate in the same way as you would a living room. Two or three Christmas-y items in a bedroom are enough to create the desired visual effect without making the room too busy. If you want a traditional Christmas tree, for instance, then select a fairly small one that will not dominate the room. One or two wall mounted decorations are enough. Don’t hang tinsel from every corner of the bedroom.


Red & White

Santa Claus is never seen out of his customary clothing in red and white and these colors will also really work well with your guest room bed linen. Create a bed that says Christmas to your guests by sticking to these traditional colors. Use a bedspread in either red or white and have throws that provide the alternative color. If your guest bedroom is already mostly decorated in neutral white then add a few splashes of crimson to get the Christmas look.


Soften The Style With Pillows & Cushions

To maintain the bedroom feel of your Christmas decoration project, seek out festive soft furnishings. Replace your cushion covers for decorative ones that give a sense of the holiday spirit. Pillow covers are available from many retailers which have a Christmas theme. These soft styling elements can be used year after year, so the costs are not that great if you reuse them.

For more, read this full article here.

Check out these guest rooms from our local Stanwood-Camano market. Make these guest rooms yours before they’re gone! Call to view them today!


3454 S. Camano Dr. Camano Island


480 Green Island Way, Camano Island


595 N Waynes Ridge Cir. Camano Island


651 Dodge Rd. Camano Island


1067 St. Moritz Ct. Camano Island


848 Holbeck Dr. Camano Island

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