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Free Camano Island Tour

Just an hour north of Seattle, Camano Island boasts stunning sandy beaches, abundant wildlife, and a relaxed small-town charm. Rich in history and culture, Camano Island is home to a vibrant arts community as well as an array of local restaurants, hops, markets, events, and festivals.

The Easy Drive-On Island

Moving to an island can be challenging. To live on many islands in the Pacific Northwest you have to account for ferry schedules, as well as being far away from major shopping centers. Even things you don’t normally think about, like having a few different options for gas stations, or being able to quickly drive […]

Island Amenities

There are many reasons to move to Camano Island: the relaxed island atmosphere, friendly neighbors, and beautiful scenery right in your backyard. If you’ve dreamed of living on an island, you should definitely consider Camano Island. We understand that not everyone is excited about moving to an island. There are often drawbacks to living in […]

Explore Camano Island

With over 50 miles of pristine Pacific Northwest beachfront,
Camano Island offers a variety of beach communities - each one with their own unique style.

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Camano Island is...

A place where sunrise fuels the day’s
adventure; and coffee is consumed for the
pleasure of its taste and the comfort of a friend.

It’s is a place where sunsets and friends
are treasured, smores are sticky, and
laughter mingles perfectly with the night
sounds of the ocean... Welcoming you to Camano Island.