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Windermere Stanwood Camano Market Insights

Market Insights: May 2024

June 14, 2024

May 2024 Market Insights May 2024: The recent increase in listings, the highest in over 1.5 years, is a positive sign for the real estate market, particularly during the spring selling season. This influx has pushed active inventory into the triple digits. Additionally, the market has seen the most sold listings since last August, further […]

Why Buyer Representation Should Matter So Much to Sellers

June 6, 2024

Why Buyer Representation Should Matter So Much to Sellers In today’s rapidly changing real estate landscape, understanding the critical role of buyer representation has never been more essential for home sellers. With the pending NAR settlement on the horizon, many sellers may not fully grasp the significant impact these changes will have on their transactions. […]

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First-Time Home Buyers

May 30, 2024

First-Time Home Buyers! As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the idea of the American Dream differs from person to person. However, in a recent Bankrate study, participants were asked which accomplishments best embodied the American Dream. According to the results, owning a home continues to rank highest for many Americans today (see […]

Windermere Stanwood Camano Market Insights

Market Insights: April 2024

May 15, 2024

April 2024 Market Insights April 2024: “Although home sales are at a 30-year low as buyers face higher borrowing costs and stubbornly low inventory, housing options on the market are beginning to increase.” according to Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist.  That is clearly evident in our markets as inventories climb above 100 properties for the […]

Easy Earth-Friendly Energy Fixes

May 8, 2024

Easy Earth-Friendly Energy Fixes There are plenty of good reasons to make your house a little greener, including saving money on energy expenses and ensuring a more livable planet for future generations. No matter what your motivation, making eco-friendly changes doesn’t have to be a daunting proposition. The following relatively simple tips will help to […]

Seven Steps to Yard Sale Success

May 3, 2024

Seven Steps to Yard Sale Success As you prepare to sell your house and move to a new one, you may be taking a fresh look at your belongings. You might be wondering how they’ll work in the new home or if you’ll need to upgrade to new ones. If you’re staging your current home […]

Maximize Your PNW Waterfront Property for Summer Fun!

April 25, 2024

Maximize Your PNW Waterfront Property for Summer Fun! In the Pacific Northwest we eagerly anticipate those coveted summer months when our region transforms into one of the most stunning places on the planet!  To maximize summer fun, consider some essential preparation, to make sure you are ready to fully enjoy the season.   Prep your […]

Windermere Stanwood Camano Market Insights

Market Insights: March 2024

April 16, 2024

March 2024 Market Insights March 2024:  We are starting to see an up-tick of activity in the market, with more new properties being listed than we’ve seen since last spring.  While we are still in a seller’s market, we are seeing more activity than at the same time last year.  Pending sales in the month […]

Buying with Your Pets in Mind

April 12, 2024

Buying with Your Pets in Mind For many of us, pets play a central role in our home life, so taking into account what is best for them when buying a home is important for both their happiness and that of your entire household. Is the Neighborhood A Good Match For Your Pet? When looking […]

10 Costs Associated with Selling Your Home

March 29, 2024

10 Costs Associated with Selling Your Home Selling a home is an exciting time for homeowners. Once you and your household have decided that you’ll hit the market, it’s easy to think solely about the revenue that comes with the sale. However, selling a home comes with its own set of costs. Knowing what these […]

Spring season gardening

Spring is Here … FINALLY!

March 22, 2024

Spring is here … FINALLY! This is the most exciting day on the calendar for gardeners. Ready, set…let’s dig in the dirt. Spring is the time to get your hands back in the dirt and amend your gardens to ensure those seeds and plants have a perfect place to thrive and grow. You should see […]

Windermere Stanwood Camano Market Insights

Market Insights: February 2024

March 19, 2024

February 2024 Market Insights February 2024:  Our Stanwood and Camano Island markets have remained slow over the past few months, which aligns with the typical seasonal patterns following the holiday season and winter weather. Interest rates continue to hover around 7%, which slows sellers’ willingness to give up their low mortgage rates and reduces buyers’ […]

Toolbox Essentials for Homeowners

March 10, 2024

Toolbox Essentials for Homeowners For all its perks-stability, tax breaks, building equity-being a homeowner comes with the responsibility of maintaining your home and the occasional repair. Some jobs require a professional, but if you are willing to take on minor repairs or DIY projects, you’ll need the right tools. Whether you’re starting a toolbox from scratch or […]

Minimize Stress While Selling Your Home

March 1, 2024

Minimize Stress While Selling Your Home After years of collecting furniture, plants, and memories, the thought of preparing your home to sell and moving to a new one can be daunting and stir up a lot of emotions. But selling your home doesn’t have to be stressful; here are a few tips to help make […]

Windermere Stanwood Camano Market Insights

Market Insights: January 2024

February 28, 2024

January 2024 Market Insights January 2024: Available inventory in our markets continues to decline due to typical seasonal patterns. Limited new listings are fueled by seller reluctance due to interest rates. They feel trapped with their low interest mortgages, limiting their ability to purchase the home that they want to purchase after they sell. Buyers […]

Adopt a Road, Adopt a Way of Life

February 21, 2024

Adopt a Road, Adopt a Way of Life I was raised to never throw litter out the window of a moving car.  The consequence would be that my Dad or Mom would slam on the breaks of our wood-paneled station wagon “Bessie”, and we would have to jump out and retrieve whatever we were too […]

The 2024 Northwest Glass Quest

February 8, 2024

The 2024 Northwest Glass Quest Written by Olivia Hanstad The Northwest Glass Quest is an annual event that takes place in the Stanwood and Camano Island area put on by the Camano Island Chamber of Commerce. What makes this event so special is its fusion of art and adventure, inviting participants on a treasure hunt […]

Buying an Equestrian Property: Prioritizing House vs Land

February 2, 2024

Buying an Equestrian Property: Prioritizing House vs Land Equestrian properties are unique. If you’re thinking about buying equestrian property, you have to weigh different aspects of a listing than you would for a typical single-family home purchase. As you look at properties, you will face the dilemma of whether to prioritize the property’s land or the […]

Camano Island Lending Libraries

January 24, 2024

Camano Island Lending Libraries One thing that makes Camano Island such a desirable place to live is the kind-hearted individuals who give back to their community. From a wave as you walk by to the incredible efforts by our local Stanwood-Camano Food Bank – we are fortunate to be surrounded by people who support one […]

Market Insights: December 2023

January 19, 2024

December 2023 Market Insights December 2023: December marked the lowest number of new listings for all of 2023 in both the Stanwood and Camano Island markets. As a result, active inventory is the lowest that it has been since April. Seasonal patterns typical of this time of year and low inventory resulted in the lowest […]