Buying an Equestrian Property: Prioritizing House vs Land


Equestrian properties are unique. If you’re thinking about buying equestrian property, you have to weigh different aspects of a listing than you would for a typical single-family home purchase. As you look at properties, you will face the dilemma of whether to prioritize the property’s land or the house itself. In the end, the right equestrian property depends on your specific needs. The following information will help you along that decision-making process to find the right home for you.

Buying an Equestrian Property

It’s vital that you work with an experienced equestrian real estate agent as you go about the process of searching for a home. Your agent will be able to pinpoint listings that match your criteria and reach out to the listing agent representing the seller. Learning more about how an equestrian property creates value for its owners will inform your discussions with your agent.

Equestrian Property: The House

A well-designed house will enhance your daily life and provide comfort for your household. Features like a spacious kitchen, an open living room area, outdoor living areas, and modern amenities can maximize your enjoyment of your time at home. Flexible interior spaces with the ability to be converted into a home gym or home office may be more valuable to you, depending on your lifestyle. If these characteristics are a top priority, communicate to your agent that these features are must-haves.

Equestrian Property: The Land

The equine lifestyle requires a property to have more than just ample backyard space. Whatever your goals as an equestrian homeowner, your horses’ experience will be dictated by the land. Consider the facilities you plan on setting up. The quality of the land and its suitability for the kinds of training you have in mind are very important, especially if your livelihood and your equestrian activities are intertwined. Different equestrian disciplines require different footing; consider each property’s ability to accommodate your specific discipline.

Equestrian operations often expand over time, so it pays to think about each property’s potential in terms of how it could grow in the future. The same can be said for customization: purchasing land with the potential to build custom equestrian facilities allows you to tailor the property to your goals and the needs of your horses.

House vs. Land

Finding the balance between the right house and the right land is a balancing act, but with the right communication between you and your agent, you’ll find it. Prioritize your needs and consider your budget throughout the process to continue to narrow down the list of fitting listings. As with any real estate purchase, location plays a significant role, but as an equestrian homeowner, you’ll be thinking about the future of your horses, your business, and your equine pursuits. If a property isn’t able to meet these standards, it may not be the right one for you.

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Written by Sandy Dodge

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