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Finding Your Style

Deciding to invest your money into building or buying a home is a major life choice that will have a lasting impact on you and your family. This is why it’s vital that your home fits your family’s needs and embodies the style and design scheme you’ve always dreamed about. 


There’s usually so much work that has to be done when people start their home-building journey that they may forget about seemingly “small” details and stylistic aspects. It’s never a good idea to put these things on the back burner! Planning out the aesthetic of your home is just as important as planning the proper construction. If you end up with a home that looks “good enough,” but doesn’t check all of your boxes, you may find yourself renovating just a few years down the line.

Keep reading to familiarize yourself with some popular architectural styles so you can better realize your vision of the perfect home.

5 Architectural Styles You Should Know About

There are many architectural styles, but this article will focus on two popular Pacific Northwest styles, Northwest Regional and Northwest Modern, as well as three universally-liked styles — Cottage, Colonial, and Cape Cod. Take a look below to learn more.

Northwest Regional Style 

This style was popular in the Pacific Northwest from the 30s to the 60s. Its most standout characteristics include wood-framed construction reminiscent of typical northwestern barns, along with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, open floor plans, and minimal decoration.


You can think of it as a minimalistic, cabin-in-the-woods architectural style, but with a modern twist. Nowadays, the idea of getting more natural light in and using unpainted wood is starting to become trendy again, so this style is certainly something worth looking into. 

Northwest Modern Style

As mentioned just above, a big part of the northwestern style is about bringing the outdoors inside as much as possible and putting a spotlight on nature. When you combine this style with the well-known modern or contemporary style, you get the Northwest Modern architectural style.


Its key components often include asymmetrical floor plans, large overhangs, and low-pitched roofs. It’s a style influenced heavily by the characteristics of the Pacific Northwest. Much like the Northwest Regional style, you may see homes that integrate with the surrounding environment and incorporate natural elements as much as possible in the construction process. This style may come with more contemporary features than Northwest Regional, as modern amenities are also often a focus.

Cottage Style 

The thatched-roof cottage houses typical for Medieval England served as an inspiration to architects, who came up with the cozy-looking, cottage-style homes we see around America today. 


This architectural style was trendy in the 20s and the 30s, and many houses built during that period in the U.S. reflect that. The features you will often see in a cottage-style house are steep roof pitches, cross gables, asymmetry, casement windows with small panes, and siding made from brick, stucco, or stone. 

Colonial Style

This house style is popular in the United States, and its roots go back to the colonial era. With that said, it has evolved a lot since then and even has a 19th-century revival called Colonial Revival


These homes tend to be symmetrical with a simple exterior made from brick, wood, stone, or siding material. They have two or more stories, and they often have chimneys/fireplaces. Such houses usually have the family room, living room, kitchen, and other common areas on the first floor and bedrooms on the second.

Cape Cod Style 

The Cape Cod style was reintroduced into the mainstream in the 1920s; however, its roots go back to the 17th century


Cape cod houses can be identified by their steep roofline, mirrored windows on each side of the door, and classically, the central chimney. Other standout features include wood siding, hardwood floors, and multi-pane windows. This home was originally made for function rather than beauty, but there are now many different versions of this style.

In Conclusion

These are just five of the many architectural designs you may choose for your home. Styles can range from ultra-minimalistic to extravagant and flashy. With that said, regardless of how great the design you chose looks on paper, it’s important that you choose the right people to bring it to life. 


The contractor can make or break the aesthetic you’re hoping for, so finding a good partner for your house-building journey is key. If you’re a resident of the Stanwood/Camano Island area or you hope to relocate to this corner of the PNW, consider checking out Titan Homes, Wickstrom Construction Inc. and Impel Construction. If you need help finding a local builder contact a local agent!


Remember, the earlier you know what kind of vision you want to bring into life, the better the results will be, so get out there and learn about as many architectural styles as you can!