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Dog-Friendly Activities in the Stanwood-Camano Island Area

State Parks and Beaches

If your dog loves to hike and walk along the water’s edge as much as you do, you’ll want to pay attention to these beautiful dog-friendly locations.

Camano Island State Park is on the western side of Camano Island and is full of forest trails and shorelines for you and your canine companion to explore. This mellow state park is one you don’t want to miss, with water access, camping locations, and views of the Puget Sound and the distant Olympic Mountains. With a pier extending 300 feet into the Puget Sound, Kayak Point County Park in Stanwood is another great location to bring your pooch while you have a lazy afternoon of fishing, crabbing, or picnicking.

Last but not least is the Barnum Point County Park on Camano Island. With mature forests, expansive views and over a mile of shoreline Barnum is a great place for both you and your dog to have a beautiful walk! If you’d rather have a place where your dog could run free, try out Henry Hollow Dog Park on Camano Island, which has areas for both big and small dogs to play and run off-leash.

Out on the Town

After enjoying the beauty of nature all day, you and your dog might want to enjoy the sights and sounds of civilization.

To satisfy your appetite after a day of hiking, try out SAAL Brewing Company in Stanwood. Built in Stanwood’s historic firehouse, SAAL serves an expansive number of local brews and has a great food menu to match, all of which you can enjoy on the dog-friendly patio. If you’re in the mood for a cozy gastropub that serves delicious sandwiches and burgers, look no further than Tapped Camano, a local eatery with a patio that welcomes dogs.

On the way home from dinner, you can stop at Waggers’ Market, a local independent pet store in Stanwood that would love to help you pick out the most nutritious food, most delicious treats, and give your dog some much-deserved attention. A short walk away is the Heritage Park Off-Leash Dog Area, where you’ll find a well-manicured place for your dog to let off some steam before the car ride home.

Whether you live near the Stanwood and Camano Island area or you’re just visiting, be sure to visit these dog-friendly locations that will leave both you and your dog as happy as a clam.