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How to Maintain Curb Appeal

When it comes to the first impression your home makes on passers-by and potential buyers, curb appeal is perhaps even more important than interior design and layout. When you’re trying to sell or rent a property, it’s vital that people get a good first impression, and the view of your home from the outside is often the first thing they see!


This article will give an overview of what curb appeal is, why you need to maintain it, and some key tips on how to do so without spending copious amounts of your time and money.

What Is Curb Appeal? 

The term “curb appeal” refers to the first impression a home makes on potential buyers or even on people that just happen to be out for a stroll or a drive in your neighborhood and checking out the houses. 


If you’ve ever driven through an unfamiliar town and said to your family or friends “wow, look at that house!” then you’ve experienced curb appeal first-hand.


The more “put-together” and maintained the exterior of a property is, the more curb appeal it has. This goes beyond the style of your home and includes various other improvements that you may have made while living in it, such as:  


  • Lawncare and landscaping, including tree and shrub maintenance
  • The condition and cleanliness of exterior paint and siding
  • Exterior lighting
  • Front door style and maintenance of surrounding hardware
  • The condition of the roof and gutters
  • Additional exterior design features such as a front porch, fire pit, swimming pool, and other decor


Though there are many things that go into curb appeal, the main focus should be on maintaining the existing exterior features. Making additional improvements can be beneficial, but without a good base behind decor and design choices, things will look “off.” Homeowners should regularly check if anything needs fixing and then use high-quality materials and the help of proven professionals to make the necessary changes. 

3 Big Tips for Maintaining Curb Appeal

Now that you know what we mean when we talk about curb appeal, let us share some easy maintenance tips that will help you keep the exterior of your house looking manicured without spending too much time or money. 

Do Regular Checks

Consider scheduling a monthly check-in to see if there are things around your property that need to be fixed. If you find an issue, make it a priority to fix it as soon as possible, otherwise, issues may start piling on.


For example, if you find discoloration in your siding and put off fixing it for a little while, the next thing you know, you’ll need to remove a tree that suddenly died, and the next day you’ll realize that the gutters need to be cleaned and repaired! The point is, when issues stack up, they get harder to manage, and fixing several things at once can be a bigger financial strain than if they were dealt with one at a time, as they happened.


Ultimately, doing routine checks minimizes the work you have to do at any one time to maintain good curb appeal.

Take Care of the Landscaping 

Not everyone loves gardening, but if you own a house with a lawn, at least some level of planting and gardening is usually necessary to maintain curb appeal. No matter how good your house looks, if the yard is unkempt, it naturally lowers the home’s curb appeal.


If once every few weeks you spend an hour or two caring for your landscaping after mowing, your yard will play its part in increasing the property’s curb appeal. Caring for your yard could be as simple as pulling weeds from your flower beds and trimming your bushes, but even these small details make a big difference.

Take Care of Your Roof, Siding, Driveway, and Doors 

All these aspects of a home make an immediate impression on anyone who looks at it, and maintaining them becomes much easier when done regularly. For example, if you set a schedule for power washing your siding, you will keep it in better condition for longer. 


The same can be said for power washing your driveway, as things like algae and oil can erode concrete, creating a bigger hassle for you in the long run.

In Conclusion

Maintaining curb appeal is vital if you want your home to make a positive lasting impression on visitors or if you’re looking to sell or rent your property. Use the tips provided in this article to make maintaining curb appeal less stressful and less expensive than ever before.


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