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Decorating Tips For A Guest Room, Before They Arrive For Christmas



Setting up the Christmas decorations in your home creates a sense of magic and the anticipation that the holiday season is just around the corner. If you are expecting guests over the festive period, then decorating your guest room in a style appropriate for Christmas will make them feel welcome. A few personal touches are enough to transform your guest room into one that feels as though it has been especially prepared for your guests. Remember that your room’s primary purpose is to be somewhere your guests can relax and feel comfortable sleeping in, so there is no need to go overboard with the décor. By the time January comes around you will want to revert back to a more traditional look, so don’t make any changes that you cannot easily put back in the New Year.


Keep It Simple.

Even if you are decorating your guest bedroom with children in mind, try to resist the temptation to decorate in the same way as you would a living room. Two or three Christmas-y items in a bedroom are enough to create the desired visual effect without making the room too busy. If you want a traditional Christmas tree, for instance, then select a fairly small one that will not dominate the room. One or two wall mounted decorations are enough. Don’t hang tinsel from every corner of the bedroom.


Red & White

Santa Claus is never seen out of his customary clothing in red and white and these colors will also really work well with your guest room bed linen. Create a bed that says Christmas to your guests by sticking to these traditional colors. Use a bedspread in either red or white and have throws that provide the alternative color. If your guest bedroom is already mostly decorated in neutral white then add a few splashes of crimson to get the Christmas look.


Soften The Style With Pillows & Cushions

To maintain the bedroom feel of your Christmas decoration project, seek out festive soft furnishings. Replace your cushion covers for decorative ones that give a sense of the holiday spirit. Pillow covers are available from many retailers which have a Christmas theme. These soft styling elements can be used year after year, so the costs are not that great if you reuse them.

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