Warm Beach


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Quaint, Small, Charming

An enchanting neighborhood of sandy beachfront, beautiful gardens and generational homes. Warm beach is truly a local treasure: one worth visiting, or settling in.


Impressive Location

Western Washington is known for many things: beautiful mountain ranges, long rainy seasons, and coffee. What many people forget, are the beautiful beaches which line its coast. The creatively named “Warm Beach” features a long, sandy shoreline adjacent to towering bluffs covered in an array of colorful homes. If you enjoy long walks on the beach (colored by spectacular sunsets) then consider finding a home here.

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Earns its Name

The water here is heated by the sun-baked sand below its shallow surface. At high tide, the heat stored in the sand is drawn out by the Puget Sound water, and creates a small temperate zone, perfect for swimming or wading! Many of the homes here are right on the beach, so the residents who live on Warm Beach have direct access. Other homes can be found on the bluff, overlooking the bay, and can go down to the beach on a system of walkways and stairs.


Get to Know Your Neighbors

Near the bay is the Warm Beach Community Center, a place for families and friends to gather for community-building, or special events. The Center features a covered picnic area, and is available to rent. The neighborhood hosts many get-togethers, including an Easter celebration, and a Fourth of July barbecue.


Good Variety

The neighborhood boasts a number of large family-ready homes, alongside a good selection of beach cottages, and everything in-between. Regardless of where they live, the people of the Warm Beach community relish walking by the bay. Visitors can often find beautiful seashells (by the seashore) and memorable water views.


Good Community

While the community of Warm Beach itself is tight-knit, it has also proven to be quite welcoming to those seeking a peaceful afternoon retreat. With a shoreline that runs as far as the eye can see, sunny days often bring the sounds of children playing on the sandy beach and families building memories. There’s something to be said about waterfront living that affords such a fulfilling lifestyle for not only you, but an entire community of neighbors.

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