Pioneer Hills


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Space to Grow

This neighborhood features dozens of spacious homes with well-kept lawns, and friendly neighbors. If you’re looking for a suburban space to live in, with reasonable access to nearby major urban centers, consider looking for homes in Pioneer Hills.

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Perfect Location

This collection of around 150 homes is built on a hill overlooking lush farmland (complete with cows) and wide views of the beautiful Puget Sound. The neighborhood is perfectly positioned between the urban convenience of Seattle, and the adventurous possibilities of the northern Cascades Range. Of course, Pioneer Hills is also conveniently close to the water, giving residents access to a fun day on the beach, or a few hours of boating out in Skagit Bay.

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Spacious Homes

Most of the homes in this neighborhood are mid-sized to large, and many of them have unique features which distinguish them from their neighbors. This is not a cookie-cutter development by any means: each and everyone home stands out on its own. From the row of light posts following the fence of one property, to the rock-wall garden of the next, you’re sure to find something here that represents who you are.

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Get to Know Your Neighbors

Pioneer Hills, while still managing to be a large neighborhood, isn’t cramped or confined. The wide, sloping streets easily fit two lanes of traffic plus parking! So don’t worry about having a few of your friends over; there’s plenty of space for them and their cars! Some neighborhoods might as well be apartment blocks, with the houses squished so closely together it’s practically like sharing a wall with someone. Not so, with Pioneer Hills! Many of the homes are on corner (or diagonal) lots, with the nearest home being a substantial distance away.

A Summer Walk Through the Hills

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