Madrona Beach


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Welcome to Madrona Beach

Madrona Beach started out as a resort area with cabins for camping. Today, it is an appealing neighborhood with stunning scenery and lovely homes.

Undeniable Charm

Undeniable Charm

Madrona Beach is beautiful and charming, with uniquely colorful homes lining every street. Take a walk through the neighborhood, snack on wild plums and peaches, and admire the eclectic cottages and homes. Some properties still have the original cottages that give a fun peek into the history of Madrona Beach as a vacation destination.

Lively Beach Community

Lively Beach Community

Walking along the beach or through the neighborhood, you’ll appreciate that Madrona Beach is an active neighborhood - there is always something to do. It is also home to the Camano Island Yacht Club, which offers events, groups, and a variety of nautical and on-shore activities for members and the community. You can join other members and kayakers in the summertime at the Yacht Club, or meet up with your friends at a public event like the annual summer concert.

Beautiful Setting

Beautiful Setting

Take a walk on the beach and enjoy the sights and sounds of Camano Island as boaters pass by, eagles fish for salmon, and whales feed on shrimp off the coast. Madrona Beach is located on the west side of Camano Island, which means the sunsets are especially beautiful. And of course, if you’re looking for a waterfront home, Madrona Beach has high and low bank waterfront properties to choose from.

Historic Destination

A Historic Destination

Madrona Beach Resort was established by Henning Sandberg around 1926. The destination offered cabins, camping, and boats and motors for rent. The property’s classic rustic cottages made Camano a perfect getaway, and the Sound’s plentiful life provided fresh crabs, clams, and fish to prepare and consume. Today, you can still see some of Madrona Beach’s iconic cabins and enjoy the relaxed island lifestyle the area is known for.

An Afternoon at Madrona Beach

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