Iverson Beach


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Welcome to Iverson Beach

Cozy waterfront homes run up and down one of Camano Island’s unique and beautiful beaches, making this neighborhood a perfect retreat from the city without forsaking accessibility.

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A Quaint Seaside Haven

This quiet, close-knit community offers residents a peaceful refuge from life’s hustle and bustle. Iverson Beach features classic beach houses refreshed with sleek modern charm and well-fitted for ideal beachside living—whether that’s firing up the barbecue or lounging in a beach chair in the summer, or enjoying the stunning views of Livingston Bay’s sparkling waters all year round.


A Unique Beach

Lona Beach — the name of the beach to which Iverson Road (the heart of the neighborhood) runs parallel — is different than other Camano Island beaches. Thanks to the summer low tides that go out hundreds of feet into the bay, the returning water here is warmer than normal temperatures on the Sound and much better suited to swimming, jet skiing, and a host of other activities.


Nature’s Hidden Gems

Iverson Beach provides practically next-door access to the Iverson Spit Trail Preserve, a hidden gem of natural beauty and history well-loved by the community. See if you can spot all 100-plus bird species recorded here, amble among the driftwood at low tide, or enjoy pleasant, family-friendly hiking routes such as the quaint Hobbit Trail. That’s not to mention the preserve’s incredible waterfront views of the Sound and the Cascades.

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Access and Amenities

Although it’s not unusual to see mostly cyclists and pedestrians in Iverson Beach itself, the neighborhood is only a short 5-minute drive from local eateries, the Camano Plaza shopping center, and the Camaloch Golf Course to its northwest. It’s just far enough to preserve the tranquil beachside atmosphere of Iverson Beach while still offering easy access to all the amenities you could need.

The Natural Beauty of the Iverson Beach community

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