Driftwood Shores


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Small Community

Driftwood Shores: a neighborhood that lives up to its name. With a close collection of homes lining a pristine inlet, this area provides residents with stunning views of the water, and of the Pacific Northwest.


Beach Living

The beach itself is relatively short, and is located on a small spit of land jutting out into the bay. Only one row of homes lines the beach, which provides the residents with a sense of community, and the opportunity to know their neighbors. The beach itself is a classic Washington state experience, with gravel and small stones replacing the more stereotypical sand.


Keeping Busy

Residents here get to experience the best of Camano Island living. Driftwood Shores is a popular crabbing and fishing spot, with many of its homes having their own mooring buoys. Many of the children who grow up here regularly participate in sport fishing, as well as general outdoor activities.


Hidden Treasures

This area also boasts an abundance of driftwood, perfect for building little forts or structures. Another rare treat the beach has to offer, is the chance of finding agates! Be sure you have a rock tumbler at home, so you can refine any treasures you find here. If walking on the beach isn’t your thing, there is still plenty of natural beauty to see, right from your own backyard. Many homes here have outdoor tables, and firepits to help you enjoy the gorgeous views.


Get to Know Your Neighbors

The homes themselves vary in size and shape, but in general most of the homes are mid-sized to large. Most have spacious porches or patios (perfect for dinner parties) and wide windows overlooking the water. Every residence here has access to the wide, sweeping beach. If you’re looking for a beautiful waterfront home, consider looking among the driftwood and the agates, here at Driftwood Shores.

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