The 2024 Northwest Glass Quest

Written by Olivia Hanstad

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The Northwest Glass Quest is an annual event that takes place in the Stanwood and Camano Island area put on by the Camano Island Chamber of Commerce. What makes this event so special is its fusion of art and adventure, inviting participants on a treasure hunt like no other. 

How to Quest

Participants, often referred to as "questers," embark on a journey to find hidden “clue balls” to win a one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass float. These treasures are made by Mark and Marcus Ellinger through their company Glass Quest. The quest typically takes place over a 10-day period, where participants use clues and hints provided by participating businesses and parks to locate the hidden treasures.

In 2024 the Northwest Glass Quest will be taking place from February 16-25. This year there will be over 400 treasures to be won. If you aren’t able to find one while out questing, you still have the option to purchase a Non-Certificated Ball from several different participating businesses in Stanwood and Camano.

When you're out exploring the Northwest Glass Quest, it is important to keep things cool and stick to the rules set by the organizers. Avoid using sticks in community spots to be kind to nature, and use your eyes instead of your hands when spotting those clue balls. Embrace the spirit of the hunt, refraining from inquiring about discoveries made on the same day. Businesses might drop hints, but it's totally up to them. If you're not finding a clue ball in about 15-20 minutes in a business, avoid lingering and try again the next day. Most importantly, have a blast, snag only one treasure a year. And, of course, be appreciative of the businesses – they make it all happen!

Quest With Us!

This year, we at Windermere Stanwood Camano are proud to be a sponsor of Glass Quest. We will be hiding 10 clue balls in community sites throughout the course of the event. Subscribe to our newsletter to get our clues each day. Additionally, many of our agents are participating in Glass Quest as well. Check-in with them to see how you can win! The Northwest Glass Quest is a one-of-a-kind event that we are so lucky to be a part of. If you are in the Stanwood Camano Island area this February give questing a try!