Camano Island Lending Libraries

One thing that makes Camano Island such a desirable place to live is the kind-hearted individuals who give back to their community. From a wave as you walk by to the incredible efforts by our local Stanwood-Camano Food Bank - we are fortunate to be surrounded by people who support one another. Among the many resources offered to residents and visitors alike is free access to books through lending libraries. These little, free libraries are provided by residents generous enough to share with their community.

What is a Lending Library?

Lending libraries, or Little Free Libraries, are a great way to provide everyone with access to books and other resources. The goal of these libraries is to build community, foster literacy, and expand accessibility. They operate on the principle of exchange - allowing people to experience new stories as well as gift books they no longer need. The rules for using a lending library typically involve adding a book for each one you take. You may also borrow a book and return it when you are done. Additionally, everyone must respect all private property so these volunteers continue to share their space.

The benefits of lending libraries are they promote lifelong learning, literacy, and community engagement. These resources also offer a diverse selection of materials, and cater to a wide range of interests/ages - facilitating a love for reading and knowledge acquisition in everyone. If that's not enough, they are also a fun (and free) reason to get out and explore what Camano Island has to offer!

Lending Libraries on Camano Island

As a Camano Island resident myself, I have come to love our little lending libraries and I always look forward to seeing what else there is to learn. The map included in this blog post comes from my own experience exploring Camano, as well as the Little Free Libraries website.

If there are any other libraries that are not currently listed (and would like to be), please let me know at! To see updates to this map, as well as other useful/local resources, please visit 

Written by Genevieve Worley Mezzone


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