Stanwood is home to several amazing schools, each equally committed to educating and empowering your children. With multiple schools to choose from, it’s easy to find an environment that has your child’s best interests at heart.

No matter where your child goes, you can trust that they will thrive in a small class setting with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. While every Stanwood school is invested in your children’s education and growth, each school provides a unique environment. We invite you to explore the different schools Stanwood has to offer and find the one best suited for your child.

Stanwood High School

Stanwood’s whole community is ecstatic about their new high school, which finished construction early this year. There will be plenty of space for 1,300 students and 75 teachers to learn and grow. The Stanwood Spartans are committed to cultivating character, modeling respect, teaching leadership, and connecting with the community.

As the only high school in Stanwood, SHS has plenty to offer. With AP classes, a community college program, STEM classes, academic clubs, extracurricular activities, and high-achieving sports teams, there’s something for every Stanwood student.

Take a virtual tour of the new school here.

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Lincoln Hill High School

The Stanwood-Camano School District offers an invitational learning environment at Lincoln Hill High School.  LHHS is a community of learners reflecting a broad range of academic levels, lifestyle choices, and personality types. The school’s main objective is to assist students to make the most out of their education by offering a flexible learning environment and providing students with opportunities to realize education success.  LHHS helps each individual student reach their full potential intellectually, emotionally, socially, academically, and vocationally.  There is a multidisciplinary approach to much of the curriculum. Continual assessment of the individual student's academic and social progress is emphasized

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Stanwood Middle School

Stanwood Middle School focuses on preparing students for the future. They encourage independent, responsible learners in a safe, caring school community.

Located in the heart of Stanwood, SMS has 484 students and 22 teachers. Whether your child is an athlete, scientist, writer, musician, reader, or anything in between, they can find their own place at Stanwood Middle School.

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Port Susan Middle School

Port Susan Middle School celebrates the uniqueness of its students with a safe, enriching environment. To build success for every child within its walls, PSMS provides opportunities in the arts, academics, technology, service, and athletics.

Most of Port Susan’s 488 students and 31 teachers come from southern Stanwood and northern Camano Island. No matter where the students are from, PSMS helps encourage lifelong learning through an excellent advisory program and extracurricular activities like sports, robotics, STEM, music, and art.

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Stanwood Elementary School

Stanwood Elementary School provides a positive learning environment focused on respect and development. Every one of the 419 students currently enrolled in Stanwood Elementary is empowered to reach their fullest potential by the 24 dedicated teachers.

Hosting grades K-5, this school delivers quality instruction and assessments to encourage academic and emotional growth. The staff has also been trained in Adverse Childhood Experiences, so they have the skills to work with students with a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities.

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Twin City Elementary

Twin City Elementary’s motto is ‘Character Strong.’ They have created an environment that promotes well-rounded learning. Students from TCE emerge with skills in math, science, and reading, as well as compassion, empathy, and kindness.

‘Character Strong’ learning helps students forge meaningful connections, build a positive community, and develop social-emotional skills. With 373 students and 24 teachers, your child will be in a supportive, well-rounded environment that equips them with the academic, emotional, and social skills they need to succeed.

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Cedar Home Elementary

Cedarhome Elementary provides its students with a safe, positive learning environment. They work with parents and community members to ensure every child has the support they need to succeed.

With 474 students and 33 teachers, every class at Cedarhome Elementary is small enough to accommodate each student’s needs. Your child will find a safe, encouraging community at Cedarhome that gives them the necessary skills to thrive.

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