Community November 6, 2018

Say Hello to the We Are Stanwood Camano glassybaby


Glassybaby was started by a 3-time cancer survivor, Lee Rhodes, as a way to give others a “one of a kindness” in times of hardship. Since its inception, glassybaby has grown to represent much more; each glass votive is hand blown using a unique color and technique as well as given a name to express an equally unique sentiment. Glassybaby donates 10% of their revenue to several charities, giving back to the planet, animals, and humanity.


Marla Heagle, owner of Windermere Stanwood Camano, selected a light blue glassybaby last year, naming it, Camano. Over 300 were sold and this year, a navy colored ‘We Are Stanwood Camano’ glassybaby is available for purchase. The meaning behind We Are Stanwood Camano goes deep, as the agents feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of such a tight-knit community. It’s not just the natural beauty or gorgeous homes of Stanwood Camano that make living here so special, it’s the people. As a way to give back to the community, a portion of each We Are Stanwood Camano glassybaby purchase goes to the Windermere Foundation, which will be dispersed to people in need within our community.


Established in 1989, the Windermere Foundation is funded by a portion of agent commissions on every home purchase and sale. Funds are used to create grants and are donated to nonprofits, providing emergency assistance, school supplies, scholarships, counseling, training, shelter, and youth programs to members of the community in need. The Windermere Foundation has raised over 35 million dollars for low-income families and the homeless since 1989.

Get your very own We Are Stanwood Camano glassybaby for $50 at the Terry’s Corner Windermere office. You can also reserve one online. It’s the perfect way to join Windermere in celebrating and serving the community!